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By teaming up with an Elder Law Attorney can bring instant credibility if you work in the senior market.

Team Work

By working with Elder Life Group they will help you team up with an attorney in your market place.

You must have a plan

When you join Elder Life Group, you’ll work together putting on assisting your clients. 

Funeral Trust 

You’ll learn how to use Funeral Trusts for Medicaid Spend downs... sell multiple Funeral Trusts on one case. 

Medicaid SPIA’s 

By working side by side with Krause Financial Services, you’ll learn how to properly set up Medicaid SPIA cases. 

Financial Planning

Obviously, when you are doing Estate or Crisis planning... Financial planning is important. 

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva is 85 miles from Chicago and 55 miles from Milwaukee.  One of the most beautiful Resort areas in the Midwest.  You'll Love Lake Geneva, Wisconsin .

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